Suleiman-BLN Student

Suleiman, the excellent student, reaps the fruits of success after being deprived of learning!

Suleiman is 11 years old. It is the first time he has been enrolled in an educational program after he thought that learning was not his right.

Today, with funding from the European Union Humanitarian Aid and in partnership with the International Rescue Committee, the intelligent student started his educational journey with the education team of Nabad Association for Development.

Like other refugees, Suleiman and his family emigrated after the outbreak of the war in Syria, where the life state did not allow him to go to school. Moreover, he could neither read nor write until today, in which he became a prosperous and persevering student to pursue his educational procurement.

In the beginning, it was difficult for him to be persistent. Towards the end of the educational session, the teacher and his sister, who also followed up her studies with Suleiman, revisited what the teacher explained and simplified it for him to understand it in a foolproof way. The complex crisis in Lebanon, like the electric outages, was not an obstacle to Suleiman’s diligence, so he moved from one place to another to check up the internet connection and do his homework, and be the first student to hand it over to his teacher. His constant participation during the class encouraged his colleagues to become on the list of excellent students, as their diligent colleague Suleiman.

Suleiman says: “I am very pleased because I can write my name in Arabic as well as English, and I know a lot of words with their synonyms. In addition, I help my companions in the camp, and I explain to them in a foreign language what the teacher sends to us in the class – group. When I grow up, I want to become a teacher so that there remains no child deprived of education.”

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