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Success Story - Samaher

Samaher, a mother of 3 children (2 working boys aged 11 and 15 and one girl aged 7), lives in Central Bekaa. She is a woman head of household living alone with her children and takes responsibility for them all day without any support. She has registered and participated in our nine remote parenting skills sessions and likes to share her experience with Nabad Child Protection Team. Samaher said: “Before attending the Parenting sessions with Nabad, I didn’t want my son to share what he was going through his day at work. I forced him to stop talking by telling him that he is growing up now and he must have a strong personality and be ready to solve all of his problems by himself.” However, after I attended the sessions under the title of: “Keep Calm and Manage Stress” and “Challenging Behaviors and Empathy” with Nabad facilitators, I had the opportunity to learn how to deal with my child and the negative effects of neglecting him all the time. Additionally, I know how to manage my stress and prepare myself emotionally and psychologically to listen to him effectively. I apply the four steps of empathy, “Determine the feeling, Determine the cause, Believe the feeling, and help children find solutions,” every time he wants to share his problems with me or is looking for advice. My child’s relationship improved, and he began to feel comfortable talking to me. I am happy that I could build a trustworthy relationship between us. Now I’m more comfortable, feel less stressed, and have a safe space where I can speak freely about my problems and concerns. Every time there is an opportunity to participate in the Parenting sessions, I will be very interested in being there.” International Rescue Committee EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid .

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