Life Skills and English Courses For Youth and Caregivers - Introducing youth resilience programs

دعى فريق جمعية نبض بالتعاون مع منظمة انقاذ الطفل اهالي التلامذة لمتابعة جلسة حضورية دامت لمدة ساعة و نصف مع الاتزام بكافة معايير التباعد الاجتماعي ، في مركز علي النهري التعليمي تحت عنوان : استحداث برامج قدرة الشباب على التكييف و كسر الجليد.

كما ان تعرف أولياء الأمور على مركز جمعية نبض و فريق العمل ، المشاريع التي ستقام : مدتها و الهدف منها.

The Nabad team, in cooperation with Save the Children, invited the caregivers to attend the first face-to-face session for an hour and half , while adhering to all standards of social distancing at Ali Al-Nahri Educational Center under the title: Introducing youth resilience programs and ice-breaking.

Parents should also be acquainted with the Nabad Center and the work team, the

projects that will be held: the duration and purpose.

The livelihood activities, was Face to Face sessions that targeted 83 participants Between 14 & 29 years old from different areas (Ali Nahri, Sarein, Riyak, Tamnin, Nasreye, Reeit, Hellaneyeh, Bedneyal & Deir Ghazal

The sessions were under the title: self-confidence, self-awareness, & self-reflection Job search & CV preparation)

The Goal of the sessions : Raising awareness on the importance of the values, & highlight the skills of the participants to accept their personality & increase their self-confidence , provide the participants with the targeted tools, in order to have the full knowledge on how to search for a job, & how to write a good CV.

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