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Bochra - North Beqaa Volunteer

Bochra a mother of three children; fled with her family from Syria to Lebanon in 2015.

Bochra, 30 years old, said: “the wars in my country and the harsh conditions of life, forced me to leave my studies at the Faculty of Arts and become displaced in Lebanon”.

“The moment I arrived to reside in the camp, I have been asked to help and support the people like us, I agreed directly and every time I fulfilled someone's request, I feel so happy and grateful”.

Bochra joined Nabad Association for Development team as a volunteer, to help people by providing them with health and social services. Bochra participated in awareness sessions about personal hygiene, environmental cleanliness, in addition to menstrual hygiene and sexual, reproductive health and rights topics. She started to promote and spread the information she gained throughout her area to reach everyone and raise their awareness.

“In a difficult time, the families of the camp that I live in, suffered from a sick condition due to the contamination of water, then I called Oxfam and Nabad teams to intervene and treat the issue, after conducting analytical tests for the water, it was found that the water was not fit for drinking, and we were no longer financially able to buy saltwater from the pharmacy on a daily basis. Nabad's team provided us with a course on how to analyze saltwater at home, thus, I disseminated the information I learned to my family in Syria and my neighbors in south Lebanon”.

“Who knows is much better than he who does not know!

I was initially shy about sharing what I had learned as a volunteer about hygiene and feminine hygiene, but with the help of the Nabad team I learned how to share it correctly and smoothly”.

I advise all women to volunteer in social work, as this will benefit us greatly. As I also encourage my neighbors, relatives, and my friends to join in humanitarian work since it is a great benefit for us, for the children, and for the whole society.

“In the end, I want to thank Oxfam and Nabad for Development for all their benefit, knowledge, and help!”

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