Introduction Letter

Founded in 2013, Association Nabad for Development, hereinafter referred to as NABAD, is a civil, non- governmental and non-profit organization working on the alleviation of human suffering, dismantlement of injustices, development of impoverished and disenfranchised communities, and empowerment of individuals. With the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as its base for action, Nabad’s principal focus is on ensuring that individuals and communities are aware about their rights and responsibilities, have the capacity to practice these rights and have access to the means that allow them to enjoy these rights. Among the domains that the Organization has experience working in include alleviation of poverty and conflicts, raising public awareness on democracy and human rights, empowerment of youth and women, and promotion of social stability and peace building.

The Organization’s scope of operation covers the entire area of Bekaa, Beirut and Mount lebanon. The villages and areas covered by the Organization represent the entirety of Bekaa & Mount Lebanon in all of its religious and confessional diversity, cultures, affiliations, economies and communities. Nabad has a human resource base of 215 staff members (Palestinian Syrian, Syrian and Lebanese) and a volunteer corps of 300 professionals and manages budgets between 50,000$ and more than 1,000,000$. All of the staff members come from solid backgrounds in Emergency Response Operations for Syria Crisis at various position levels, ranging from front line field staff to senior management ranks and have developed a sustainable expertise in the various sectors of the humanitarian field.


Phone number: 81 222075


Our Vision

NABAD work on building high performing teams that envision communities where all individuals own their personal & social responsibilities to achieve social justice and economic growth.


Our Mission

NABAD is committed through innovative programming to empower affected communities focusing on the most vulnerable individuals to provide the necessary tools and skills that enable transformation and achievement of sustainable solutions eventually contributing to the UN SDG goals.


Support Centers


Our Partners

Working Together

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